Book Review


(By Sekhar Sahu  – International Master)

Author of the Book  Atam Jeet Singh (Indian Smyslov or shall I say Indian Taimanov since both these Russian GM’s have flair for chess and Music like the author) is a good friend of mine and thorough gentleman.

Atamjeet’s maiden venture in chess literature is indeed a very interesting one. The last round has it own say in any event, whether it is u-8 event or world championship, since most of the time it decides the outcome of a match or tournament.

The author has carefully selected 31 games from 1895 to 1998, from various events, including Thipsay-Aaron, Kanpur Nat.A 1982, where IM Aaron drew in a winning position, changing the  course of the history of Indian chess.

In fact each and every game picked up by the author is full of thrill and of decisive importance in the history of the game.

The author has given lucid introduction to every game, which makes it more charming. However it would have been excellent, if light chess analysis/notes would have been there in middle game or ending where the game reached a decisive moment, turning the result in favour of either opponent.

There was scope for improvement in various photos in the book, but these are trifles, and the book is very modestly priced, to make it easily affordable.

Last but not the least, I wish the author would take little more trouble to pick up games from the last round of various Nat.’B’ & Nat.’A’ and make IInd volume of his book.

– Sekhar Sahu

(International Master)


Review by Chess Mate Vol.18 No10. pp.51  Historic Last Rounds In Chess -A perspective by Atam Jeet Singh.   About 31 last round encounters feature this book with a nice idea.


Marine sports  news books , Gokhale Road,  Dadar, Mumbai .  Historic last rounds in Chess a perspective by Atam Jeet Singh was released. Containing selected games from 1895 to 1998 are compiled which are considered historic.